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Thank you all... its been a very informative evening, really helpful in gaining more knowledge and understanding


The webinar last Wednesday was amazing, you were all inspirational.  I am in the process of watching it again.


Thank you all - very insightful and informative.  Lots to take away to help and support me in my role.


Do you think (or know) that your child is autistic, but don't know how to tell them and support them to celebrate their autistic identity? Our webinar will show you how...

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'Telling Your Child They Are Autistic'


Coming to terms with a diagnosis is a really big thing.  How they are told, how you handle it or react to the news (whether you are a parent or a professional) affects how they see themselves and their future.


It is vital to get it right. We are here to help.

  • Finding out you are autistic: How I made sense of who I am
    With Dean Beadle.  In this talk, Dean will address why understanding and owning your autistic identity is important and how he learned to do it joyfully.

  • Step by Step: the process you need to make it a positive experience
    With Sarah-Jane Critchley.  Know where to start and how to build up the real strength-based picture of the wonderful person you love can become a joyfully new start to a successful autistic life amongst a fabulous tribe of amazing people.

  • Resources and articles to help you have those conversations 

    With Lynn McCann. In this session, Lynn will show you practical and inspiring ideas and resources to have brilliantly positive and practical answers and openers for the talks you will have with your child.

  • I am me, and that's ok
    With Dawn Brown and Sally Glossop. With their years of experience working with autistic young people, Dawn and Sally will take you through life-affirming approaches that support a wide range of young people on their journey to self-acceptance .

  • Q & A With the Panel
    Ask your questions of our expert panel

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    • BONUS 4 - I am me, and that's OK - workbook
      Download and use with your young person

    • BONUS 5 - Tap into group wisdom - helpful resources
      Many people in the chat shared the titles that they found helpful - collected here in one list for you to consider. 

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    If you unhappy with the webinar for any reason, please contact me to discuss a free place on our next webinar or a refund.

    Sarah-Jane Critchley

    Founder, Different Joy Partnership

    Huge thanks for this afternoon’s webinar. It was great! So practical and helpful to think things through with others who really ‘get it’.

    Thank you so much for sending this on to me.  I was able to participate in the live webinar and found it extremely useful and have come away with a plethora of ideas that my colleague and I hope to utilise ready for new and returning students over the forthcoming months.

    Thank you so much for a fantastically informative webinar. Really really helpful. 


    Particular stand outs for me were the sessions covering Anxiety (Dean Beadle) and the session on home education which covered the many anxiety producing factors connected to Covid-19. That resonated so much. 

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